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FirstLine® Termite Baiting System

FirstLine® Termite Baiting System:

Bait Stations, Locators and Monitors

Your Pest Management Professional has effective-monitoring and baiting program. There are several important reasons why we can say this:

  • Highly effective termite control.
    The FirstLine® GT Plus Termite Bait Station uses sulfuramid as its active ingredient. Sulfuramid is a slow-acting stamach toxicant that kills all types of subterranean termites, including reproductives. The active ingredient in Sentricon® is an insect growth regulator (chitin inhibitor), which is not effective against all termites, namely, reproductives.
  • A customized plan
    Your Pest Management Professional is just that - a professional. And FMC trusts him or her to assess your individual situation and construct a customized treatment program that addresses the specific needs of your home. With Sentricon there are rigid requirements that may not address your termite problems. And unlike competitive products, like Sentricon, which are owned by the manufacturer, the FMC products you see being used are owned by the local pest control company you chose-allowing it the flexibility to construct the best treatment program for you.
  • Child Resistant Bait Stations.
    FirstLine® GT Plus Termite Bait Stations are permanently sealed and the only professional termite bait stations certified CHILD RESISTANT according to guidelines set forth by the Consumer Products Safety Commission.
  • Termites find the monitors faster.
    The 7" SMARTDISC™ Locator creates a moisture-retaining footprint and includes a ridged design to direct termites into the station four times faster. FMC used its knowledge of termite behavior in developing this design. Bait stations that do not have a channeling system may not take full advantage of termite behavior and may not attract as much termite activity.
  • An entire arsenal of products.
    FMCs baiting products are part of FMC's exclusive Systematic Termite Control the industry's only integrated system designed for effective termite control and long-term termite protection. FMC's monitors, locators and bait stations can work alone, but we recommend that your professional use a combination of weapons to more quickly combat the termites threatening your home. That could mean using baits or liquids right away. Sentricon requires that monitors be used first, even if there is an active termite infestation.
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